Zeplinn, A.K.A. Kolby Mann, Hailing from the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, comes to the table with hard hitting basslines, and soft organic synths, bringing it all together with nips and bits splashed all around like a gourmet soup. Inspired by his father, DJ Gravity (Thomas Mann) who had been Djing for years before he was born, Kolby now mixes genres those thought un mixable, and has been working on creating a style so unique, that it can only be called.. Zeplinn. 

5 years in the making, Zeplinn has now performed in almost every venue in Asheville, NC. Including The Orange Peel, The Asheville Music Hall/the One Stop, and New Mountain Asheville. As of now, his next release, Lunas Octavias EP, is coming March 30th.