It was 2006 when SteevJBrown decided his life goal was to be a voice for the abused animals of the world. Simply standing on a soapbox, and preaching about the injustices in factory farming was not going to do the trick. He realized the best way to get Americans to listen to his words of clarity, was to become a celebrity. And so he started his journey to notoriety. Born and raised in South Florida, he worked his way into the entertainment industry producing his own YouTube content. He had early success interviewing celebs such as BeetleJuce from the Howard Stern Show and Tom Green as his character, Mister Jenkins. After completing Film School he left for the big city, Los Angeles. Starting on the bottom as a PA, he learned the skills and ways of the industry. Soon he moved on to his passion, camera operating. He co-created a comedy web series called the '5 Minute Sketch Show', that's been releasing new material every week, for the last 2 years! He also has started his own production company, FutureDarkFilms.

    Being a lover of electronic music led him to become a DJ in 2001. Over the years, he was part of 5+ DJ groups, played over 100 shows and hosted over 20 events, making his mark in the EDM scene. Truly motivated to make it to the top, SteevJBrown embraces the challenge of tackling an array of channels that will get him there. See his camera work on TV, his acting online, his DJ skills in a club, his art on the streets and hear his word in your heart. Love all Earthlings.