Spice Rapture is a Psytrance DJ, predominantly playing full-on, but also dabbling in progressive and psydub styles. Drawing upon influences from his early days listening to Acid House, Techno, and Trance, Spice Rapture moved more into to the psychedelic and tribal genres as he matured as a DJ. Spice Rapture has played at festivals, including Touch Samadhi's Equinox, Transformus, Asheville Full Moon Gatherings, Lurchfest, among others, as well as various venues and parties, primarily around the Asheville area, including Timo's House, The One Stop, Scandals, Boiler Room, among others. Spice Rapture's purpose as a DJ is to help you achieve a zen-like state on the dance floor where you are in the moment, feeling your body, the floor and the space around you, letting your essence flow forth from your higher self.