These days it's so hard to go anywhere without hearing the same, old music. Sometimes it just seems like everything has been done already and originality is dead. Milky Dubz sets create bombs in your head, then inspiration follows. His unique style provides a slice of gold for the underground scene and has landed him a number opening gigs with the likes of Govinda, Blockhead, Sky Tree , Inspectah Deck from Wu-Tang Clan, Poirier, Venetian Snares, Flux Pavilion, Noah D, and more.

With over 15 years experience, Milky has performed in all of South Florida’s top venues/festivals while also connecting with his roots in the underground to infuse Melodic Overtones, Low Bass Frequencies, and Minimalistic Soundscapes with a touch of Spiritual Quotes and Binaural Theta/Delta Waves. What does it all mean? This Black Sheep’s vibes will leave you in a meditative state and bring you to another level of musicality and allow you to perceive a euphoric reality. Milky Dubz is also responsible for creating over 100's events and shows throughout West Palm Beach/ Miami Florida where he lived for 21 years. Milky assisted to create Outloud, Phat Planet, Vibrations, Proper Dosage, and Reboot DnB, back in 2006-Present.

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