Justin Struble

Creating in pursuit of greater understanding, my goal is to communicate mystical and psychedelic
concepts through the use of natural and geometric images. I have a fascination with exploring
conceptual synchronicity, like how two things that may appear to be separate phenomena, might
actually operate on identical principals, as above so below. Take the idea of a new born child, who
sees time stretching out before him/her endlessly, the older they grow, the faster time seems to
slip away. Similarly, the gravity of a black hole stretches the fabric of space and time, so the
closer you are to the center of gravity the slower and slower time actually ticks by and the further
you move from the center of the black hole , the faster time accelerates. there is a synchronicity
there in the perception of time. the sense of infinity lessens as you move further from the center
of influence. I explore and organize these ideas, and then document them with colors and shapes...
Colors and shapes all day! Like all creators, I suppose there is a mission behind it. Perhaps, the
more we tap into synchronicity, the more duality evaporates, and the more we can feel that we are
the universe and not just inside of it...And maaaaaaaybe, you can look into a flower blossom and
recognize the beauty of your own soul in that.... These are the ideas that propel my work.

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