Illumination Station

Noah, Aka Illumination Station, began his musical career at an early age with formal cello training. Noah was banging away at the piano before he learned to read and has been making weird noises ever since. Noah's first introduction to electronic music production was in a music synthesis class at Berklee College of Music during the summer of 2003. While at this Berklee summer program Noah began using cubase and reason to create his first electronic composition. Since 2003 Noah has been on a thirteen year musical journey working to create vibrations to expand consciousness and humanity as a whole. Over the last year Noah has been working to bridge the gap between the digital and analog. Starting with training and experience working with digital protocol and patching Noah has began to apply this knowledge and expertise to the analog realm.

Inspired by Beardy Man's “Beardytron 5000,” Tim Exile's “Flow Machine,” and just Reggie Watts in general, Noah has begun construction of his Illumination Station. The Illumination Station is designed to create unique sonic signatures and blend now western tuning into consciousness expanding vibrations. The Illumination Station is designed to be an ultimate workstation to combine digital and analog synthesis techniques with live audio in a free flowing environment allowing for full creative expression in the moment. Noah is excited to bring his Illumination Station to the stage and spread divination across the nation through deep inhalation exhalation.