Hyperbolic Headspace


Hyperbolic Headspace: An intentionally exaggerated state of mind.

When producing music and performing shows, Hyperbolic Headspace does so with the intent of elevating the human consciousness. Each note, and every modulation is prepared with the committed diligence to bring your mind to an elevated state of thinking. Once your attention has wandered from the everyday patterns of the world, you are able to create, love, and feel comfortable being whoever you want to be. Hyperbolic is committed to bringing everyone he comes in contact with, whether it be in person or through his music, to that same exaggerated state of mind in the hopes of bringing more creativity, love and openness to the community.

Hyperbolic Headspace’s music is a unique blend of melodic hip-hop rhythms, deep moving bass, and wet squishy synths that take you on an ever-changing journey through your own mind & body. When performing at a show, he is able to seamlessly assort a wide variety of genres including: Idm, Future Beats, Psy Bass, Dubstep, and Trip Hop.

He has performed at many different festivals just in the past year comprising of Actual Eyes, Zen Awakening, Pass the Good, Creatures of the Night, and more. Hyperbolic Headspace also played a whole slew of shows in many different parts of the U.S. with various well renowned artists. This includes direct support for Clozee, and Ott, as well as acts with Numatik, Kalya Scintilla, Govinda, Levitation Jones, and Yheti just to name a few.

booking: hyperbolicheadspace@gmail.com

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