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Protozoa feat. Spundose & Shanti (AVL)

2016 was a great year of growth and connection for both Wilmington's Liquid Culture and Asheville's The Undergrowth. To start off 2017, we've decided to join forces in our mission of fostering a unique Bass Music experience for the region. This month being the first of the new yearly cycle, we will be fostering the theme of PROTOZOA. That which has been given life yet just begun it's evolutionary journey. Kicking off the new year in both our home towns, we will also be converging on a new location in South Carolina. We'll have regional musical talent, Immersive VJ accompaniment, and unique Live art each night. Of course, the most important part is YOU, the main reason we facilitate these events. So bring your dancing shoes and good vibes and join us in a weekend of celebration and elevation, setting the tone for our bright future together.

Featured artists for the weekend:


Spundose is a musician/sound engineer who has been producing all original electronic music since 2010, showcasing unique psybass compositions with a honed production aesthetic. The first full length Spundose album "Setting Up A Sacred Space" was released in 2013 on Spundose has since released three albums with Street Ritual- "A
Sacred Space" (2014), "Relatives" (2016), and "Tones That We Broadcast" (2016). Also in 2016 Spundose has been featured on Wormhole Music Groups Wormcast mix series as well as winning The Untz challenge sending him on an extensive festival run this past summer.

S h a n t i

This space-bass artist has a psychedelic sound anchored by dubstep-inspired sub bass and elevated by a creative capitalization of digital production’s rapid advancements. In a postmodern culture, he’s one of many artists successfully kissing genre confines goodbye.

*Support from:




*Visuals by

Brandon Hutchins of Sacramental Productions

*Live art by

Art by Nugget

*Cover: $10