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The Undergrowth Presents :: Shanti // Sacred Sound // Infinite Geometry // Murkury

P R E P A R E    T O    G E T    S Q U I S H Y
The Undergrowth is proud to announce that we will be hosting an evening of visionary music and arts at THE BLOCK off biltmore on Monday, June 13th!

Suggested Donation - $5
Music starts at 5PM and ends at 10PM

ॐ A R T I S T S ॐ

S h a n t i (from Sanskrit शान्तिः)
means peace, rest, calmness, tranquility, or bliss. I am here to produce all of the above for you in frequencies, that come from the heart and all three eyes.
blessings *~

Sacred Sound

Infinite Geometry
Infinite Geometry (Andy Reed) has been an audio alchemist for the past 10 years. His main focus has been his visionary art for the past few years (, but another passion of his has been electronic music. He is currently based out of Asheville, NC and plays shows throughout the US.
Sets include multi-genres including deep jazzy dub step, psybient downtempo, psydub, templestep, IDM, dreambass, post-dubstep, 2step & future garage, minimal atmospheric dnb, funky tribal tech-house, and many others.

Paying homage to the Red Planet, this dual threat DJ/Producer has been delivering elemental bass music across the Western Carolinas for over four years. With a growing collection of original productions in his arsenal, collaborations between other Undergrowth artists in the works, and the endurance to spin for hours on end, murkury's style extends the length of modern dance music. Future chill, minimal house, melodic techno, downtempo dub, future garage, and beyond…