Although he was born in West Virginia, Ralph "Dayowulf" Day has seen his fair share of the USA and the world.  After visiting events such as the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas and TomorrowWorld in Atlanta Georgia, Dayo decided that it was time to start having a more active role in the music that he so loved.  Mixing in a variety of genres the overall theme of his music can be describe as "Thoughtful, Soulful, and Emotional."  Understanding that life itself has an ebb and flow with ups and downs, Dayowulf's style is one that blends together beautiful melodic breaks and hard hitting beats to provide a very unique experience that his listeners are bound to enjoy.  Getting his start with closed parties in Omaha, NE, Dayo now is a resident of Asheville, NC.  He has played at venues such as the New Mountain's Sol Bar as well as for the Asheville Full Moon Gatherings.  Newer on the scene, with a lot of love and talent to share, Dayowulf is an artist you're sure to want to watch

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