Cut Rugs

Coming from Myrtle Beach, SC; Cut Rugs is changing what it means for music to be genre-less. Cut Rugs’ genre bending style is deeply influenced by dubstep, trap, psydub, trip-hop and even classical music, providing a sound completely unique to himself. Classically trained on the viola and cello, he portrays the movement one could find in orchestral works, showing the understanding of how every little sound is important to the song as a whole. Having a deep interest in engineering and mathematics is what allows for the creation of unique sounds though heavy trial and error. Meant to put people through a dance-striking trance, the clean drum repetition, heavily processed vocal samples, grimy bass oscillations and fat pulsing sub-bass; Cut Rugs’ fuses together multiple tricks and techniques found in all areas of bass music. Listening to Cut Rugs’ live sets can only be described as that feeling when you try to touch your upper lip to your nose, having the “I just stepped in something gross” face. Dropping heavy hitting songs followed by hypnotic bass, he likes to take the audience through a journey touching every emotion possible. Watching Cut Rugs work a crowd is an entertaining feat of its own as he uses his MPC to trigger anything from drums to bass samples to scratching samples, emulating the complex art of vinyl scratching. Having shared the stage with many great artists such as Truth, The Widdler, Luzcid, Run DMT, Jantsen, Dirt Monkey, Space Jesus, Craz, and many more; Cut Rugs always gets a crowd down on the dance floor ready to start slicing carpets, or shall we say “cutting rugs”;)

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Email:    Phone: (336)757-6980