The Undergrowth as an Organism

The Undergrowth as an Organism

As a coalition of artists, we become greater than the sum of our parts. One might think of The Undergrowth as an artist of its own; each of us making up the cells of its body. In order for this body to maintain health, and in fact flourish, the cells must work in harmony together. This is why we encourage collaboration and a free flow of ideas. By viewing the brand through this light, we see it functioning as one organism possessing the strengths of each individual it is composed of. 

In nature, the undergrowth is everywhere- popping up in cracks in the sidewalk and constantly encroaching on meticulously groomed lawns. The essence of this pervasive force also manifests itself in people across the globe- in our society we see it through art, music and festivals; an awakening symbolized by the counter-culture movement. It continues to evolve and prosper across generations. The undergrowth itself represents to us that undying spirit and a rebellion against the pruning shears which seek to pervert our natural form like topiary. 


We here at The Undergrowth are completely overwhelmed with joy and gratitude that this social experiment has begun gaining traction in the local community of Asheville. Until now, only whispers of The Undergrowth have been circulated, begging to be manifested in cyberspace. Finally, that realization has become a reality. Here we are, laying the foundation for a digital home that's dedicated to housing an increasingly diverse spread of artists doing their part to raise our collective consciousness and unite under one purpose.

It is our goal to share the art of as many talented people as we can through The Undergrowth, and wish to use this blog as a continuous feed of  cosmic energy our artists continue to exert on the world, from both organic and synthetic realms. From premiering essential mixes, original music, and having free giveaways to publishing editorials and videos that mark our collective progress, this post marks the initiation of a fractal-based, human orchestrated community that will unfold and fold in upon itself as it grows and evolves.

Contributors to The Undergrowth's official blog will be able to post pieces about the future of music and art, perspectives on the environmental movement, and incentives geared towards Plugging In to the community here in Asheville and around the world. With this site up and running, The Undergrowth is now as universal as nature itself and as wide reaching as the internet. We also cannot wait to see where you all, as commenters, take the conversation we wish to start here. A laissez-faire policy of moderation will be in place that insists on free expression, open mindedness, and fair play across moderators and commenters alike. Together, we can and will create a playground for higher frequencies and awaken our true potential as The Undergrowth.