Picture this, you are a DJ at 14 Yrs old, baptized into a mid-eighties music scene. Now, add the fact that this new multi genre musical culture was in S Fla. This can now only scratch the surface on how Bliss became the respected artist he is today. As a hard core B-boy since being introduced to Hip-Hop, Bliss found his calling arranging music for B-Boys & Girls to dance to. 

Then came the Miami Bass explosion (BOOM)! Pounding 808 bass along with booty shaking females made being a pioneer quite exciting. As a national touring DJ for KJ and da’ Fellas (Get Retarded, and many more hits), Bliss refined his craft leaving crowds in awe with his natural talent behind the turntables. Touring with 2-Live Crew on the Move Something Tour as kids was something Bliss could never even dream about, but it happened! Bliss was, and always will be, about people having a good & memorable experience by layering soundscapes & technically riding mixes.

“The DJs DJ is excited to be joining the Undergrowth family bringing his extensive musical knowledge, an A-1 Skill Set, and decades of experience to new ears. Bliss will be releasing originally produced tracks and remixes alongside internationally favored Mix Sets. 

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