Bane The Dragon

I have been performing for 3 years under the name Bane The Dragon. In that time, I have had the pleasure of directly working with Tipper, Conspirator, Zoogma, Ill.Gates, Ott., Wick-it The Instagator, Spankalicious, Run DMT, ArchNemesis, SPORE. I've appeared at Pass the Good (2 years consecutive), Aura Music Festival (2 years consecutive), Purple Hatters Ball, Summerset Music Festival, Sonic Crawfish Music Festival, Counterpoint Music Festival.

I have also been the fire Coordinator for AURA music fest for 2 years consecutively. I also work with local businesses and cities across the east coast such as City Chamber of Commerce (Brewton, AL), Tobacco Leaf Glass Gallery (Tallahassee, Florida), The Moon night club (Tallahassee, Florida), Puff 4 Less (Tallahassee, FL), and Booty Pebbles House Parties. I am also a dancer with the Sirens Performance Group. You can also notice me in the Bonnaroo 2013 Official Recap Video, Aura 2015 Recap Video, and the Tobacco Leaf 5th Annual Glassblowing Party AfterMovie, Next year I will be joining Spankalicious, Alejo, and Thazdope Records on a 35 state tour circuit (Including Hawaii). I started breathing fire 2 1/2 years ago taught by Megumi Naganoma, one of the Pyronoles in Tallahassee, Florida. I started hooping 3 years ago when I joined the EDM/Festival Scene. I've now been able to travel across the country sharing my talents with people across the Midwest and East Coast, currently on a 25 state tour. I'm sponsored by Grassroots California, Trippinz, And BatteryDudeLLC Photon Hoops.

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