Kirby Bright, aka AirplaneMode, is a producer from Greenville, South Carolina. Slinging authentic wubs and womps, his expertise shines through when he is on stage demonstrating the flow of his own unique style of EDM. Using a midi-fighter 3D with 16 arcade button pads, each with their own distinct grimy sound, he creates a live experience of heavy-steppin sounds for his audience to vibe to. The ability to produce rapid live drum patterns and melodic euphoria's on the spot is hard to come by, and Kirby's skill is sure to keep your face melting and your feet moving. Having started this project 2 years ago, AirplaneMode has gotten to preform along side Mantis, ill. Gates, KJ Sawka, Spankalicious, The Mad Violinist, Huglife, Dubloadz, Archnemesis, Zach Deputy, Antennae, and many other talented DJ's throughout the Carolinas. An AirplaneMode set is hard to compete with, you definitely don't wanna miss this extraordinary rising talent. Check out his soundcloud, linked below.